The PistolStar Founder

Launched in 1999, PistolStar is an authority on user authentication. PistolStar has experienced phenomenal growth, attributing its success to an understanding of customers' pain, having the ability to demonstrate a positive return on investment, and differentiating itself from the competition by delivering flexible solutions with full technical support from the developers.

PistolStar is privately-funded and based in Bedford, N.H., yet it maintains a global presence through relationships with international resellers. Since introduced, the company has sold its software to more than 600 enterprises in the U.S. and abroad, comprising millions of users.

Tom Hoey, Founder & CEO
Founder Tom Hoey, a natural leader with great vision and imagination, is one of the main architects for the widely successful PistolStar product line. He also works closely with his core team to define the sales, marketing and product strategies that continue to drive PistolStar's growth and success.

Altogether, Hoey possesses 25 years of experience as a software engineer. Prior to launching PistolStar, he worked at Digital Equipment Corporation and Iris Associates developing core functionality found in lower-level operating systems and in Lotus Notes and Domino. He is known for his passionate and highly-motivated approach to solving problems for customers spanning a variety of industries.