What is PortalGuard?

PortalGuard is a five layer user authentication solution-set that is designed to provide companies, no matter what their size or industry, a strong foundation of authentication. This is a web-based solution-set that delivers five unique and complementary authentication layers and is designed to deliver a multifaceted approach to application security. PortalGuard provides two-factor authentication, contextual user authentication, self-service password reset, single sign-on, and password synchronization functionality all in one complete turnkey package.

Our goal with this user authentication solution-set is threefold: the first is to offer companies and developers a solution-set that offered multiple layers of protection balanced with usability, second, was to be able to provide all this functionality at a very affordable price point, and third, as an authentication solution-set poised for the expanding cloud-delivered software as a service (SaaS) market and expanding on-premises customer-facing B2B web applications. Our belief is that no matter what the size of your IT department you will be able to deploy it efficiently, effectively, and affordably.

PortalGuard is fully configurable and is built using standards based languages and protocols. The authentication solution-set is completely scalable and designed to run "out-of-the-box" on a company's existing hardware, and no API required allows developers to quickly integrate its authentication layers into existing customer-facing applications.

PortalGuard also provides two-factor, self-service password reset and password sycnhronization on the Windows Desktop.

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